About is an innovative product that aims to show university students and the general public the benefits of personal finance. It teaches its users how to manage personal incomes and use them in a productive way. The platform consists on questionnaires, educational animations and other supporting documents to make the learning process more enjoyable.

The Client’s need


Milkcash had the challenge of creating an easy-to-use platform for users of any age regardless of their education level. Moreover, the customer required advanced tools such as budget planner, loan calculator and goal reminders. The challenge was to develop a custom content manager with interactive materials and manage to make the E-learning process as easy as possible.

Our solution


Our team created a custom-made solution to match the requirements of our client. We incorporated a simple and user-friendly referral system that allows students invite their friends which made grow exponentially the user base of the platform.


The budgeting tools and the loan calculator were developed in such a way that they can execute the main functions in the customer’s browser providing an advanced level of usability. The video platform is integrated with a specialized video hosting provider. This implementation proved to reduce the costs of bandwidth and storage of our client by 85%.


This project has the support of the main bank in Dominican Republic and is one of the first e-learning platforms of the country.

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