Progreso Bank

About Progreso Bank


Progreso Bank is one of the pioneer institutions in the multi-service banking in Dominican Republic. With more than 40 years of experience, Progreso Bank has evolved continuously, becoming a dynamic bank that stood out for its strategic alliance with the prestigious American Express brand.

The Client’s need


Progreso Bank needed to create a digital section that would support their strategy for their campaign “Tools for your progress”. Maintain their current corporate website design was the main client request.

Our solution


We offered a tailor made solution where the customer could create original content easily for their clients. We made a set of custom tools such as loan calculator and product request available for their customers to use. The whole solution was developed in a responsive (mobile-friendly) code-base as the bank requested.


Our comprehensive solution allowed Progreso bank to display high value information for their clients while maintaining the same visual scheme of the institution.


Collaborations in this project: Concept & Design by Ogilvy One.

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