Yogen Fruz

About Yogen Früz


Yogen Früz is a Canadian frozen yogurt franchise that earned worldwide presence. With more than 20 years in the market, the brand proved success by being a healthy alternative that positioned it among the first in its sector.

The Client’s need


Yogen Früz needed to create customers loyalty and had the idea of rewarding them in an easy and fun way. They required from our team a friendly application that handled a stock of prizes for their visitors in selected shops. Furthermore they needed other strategic features to make the customer experience unique.

Our solution


We created a custom application for iOS tablets that responded to our client’s need. It consists on a dynamic Jackpot Game where the customer can pull a lever on the screen to make it randomly rotate. If the customer obtains one of the desired combinations, they would receive a prize at the shop. Our solution offered other analytical features that allow configuring the probability and availability of the prizes per shop.


Collaborations in this project: Concept & Design by Ogilvy One Team.


Example of the experience in the APP:

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